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  Explore a wide range of Roman Period Objects discovered in the North Pennines. The objects date from the conquest of Britain in
43 AD to the official abandonment in 410 AD and reaching the emergence of the first Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in the 450s AD.
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  Roman Silver Coins from Westgate
Description: Six second-century Roman silver ‘denarii’ coins
Original Location: Slitt Wood, Westgate, Weardale

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  Silver coins from Westgate
  Epiacum Bronze Dolphin and Glass Beads
Description: Discovered during the annual molehill surveys at Epiacum (2011-2015)
Original Location: Epiacum Roman fort, Alston

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  Bronze Dolphin from Epiacum
  The Head of Ayle
Description: A ‘celtic’ stone head of a local god, found near Epiacum fort
Original Location: High Row, near Ayle, Alston

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  Head of Ayle
  Eastgate Roman Altar
Description: Altar dedicated to Sylvanus – god of the woods and hunting
Original Location: Bank of Rookhope Burn, Eastgate

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  Eastgate Roman altar
  Roman Altars from Epiacum
Description: One altar dedicated to Apollo or Mithras, another to Hercules
Original Location: Epiacum (Whitley Castle) Roman fort, Alston

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  Epiacum altar
  Bollihope Roman Altar
Description: Dedicated to 'The Divinities of the Emperors and unconquerable Silvanus'
Original Location: Bollihope Common near Bollihope Shield Farm

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  Bollihope Roman altar
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