Mine Wagon 1
End view of Mine waggon

Mine Wagon 2
Wagon outside the Nentsberry Haggs Level between Alston and Nenthead.  Image dated 1970.  This is a typical London Lead Co wagon used throughout the nineteenth century and in Haggs Mine until 1952.

Mine Wagon 3
Three mine wagons outside Blackburn Level of the Rotherhope Fell Mine.  Image dated 1964.  These three wagons are said to have been left in the mine by the Anglo Austral Company when the mine closed in 1948.  The mine was reopened as a fluorspar prospect in 1964.

Eastgate Roman Altar
Original Location: Brownley Hill Level
Current Location: Nenthead Mines Museum
Theme: Industrial
Period: Post-medieval
Date: Probably mid-19th century

What is it?
A narrow gauge railway wagon used in the lead and zinc mines on Alston Moor in the North Pennines.

What is its relevance to the North Pennines?
Wagons of a similar design appear to have been used in the mines from c.1820 to c.1900.

Why is it important?
This example, originally from Brownley Hill Level and now preserved in the Nenthead Mines Museum, is the only one to exist outside a mine and in good condition.

This type of mine waggon was used in many mines to remove the mineral from the working foreheads to underground hoppers before it was transported out of the mine.

All Photographs Sourced by: Peter Jackson
Copyright: Peter Jackson




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